I am entertaining the idea of committing to Blog 365. Entertaining. The concept interests me and I'm thinking I enjoyed NaBloPoMo so much, why the heck not? But I dunno. It's just a thought.

I'm still not feeling up to par. Daniel is feeling much better. Yesterday was horrible - his mom and my parents got the stomach flu and they were all feeling miserable. Daniel and I left his dad with the baby (at his urging) to go see the new National Treasure movie. It was so-so, but we enjoyed it. My parents left with their parrot (an African Grey) and their dog, Buffy today. We spent today giving Daniel's parents an exciting tour of Bakersfield and now we're resting back at the house. If all goes well, we're making a day trip over to Ojai just to get some fresh air and get the heck out of here. Our good friends got married in Ojai and Daniel and I fell in love with the small community when we were there the weekend of the wedding. I think it will look like paradise to Daniel's parents after the tour they had today. Seriously. Part of Daniel's job is taking interviewees and new internship people on tours of Bakersfield, and after today I'm not so sure the tour is a whole lot of fun. Not much to see here, in my opinion. Of course, we pointed out landmarks like where Zoe was born, Urgent Care's we've visited, an restaurants that have given me food poisoning - also, our old house and the little liquor store/market down the street from it where there was a shooting. I know, you're sad that you've missed the tour. I promise, if you come to visit I'll take you on day trips to Santa Barbara or Ojai or the nearby wineries and we'll relax by the pool and have a fabulous time. Bakersfield isn't so bad to visit when you go to the right places.

Anywho. The year is coming to an end quickly. I have to say, 2007 has been one of my favorite years of the last 31.


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