Holiday Spirit

I think my favorite part of this season is all the "goodwill toward men". While we were out today we saw people just full of it. Like the lady who told her grandson to squeeze past me and Zoe in her stroller to nab the table we were waiting for. THAT was touching. Also touching was the man who questioned another guys manhood and character (rather loudly) when he felt HIS table was wrongly stolen out from under him. My heart practically melted when I watched a lady try to pick a fight in the parking lot. Oh, and the sales associate who just dropped my friends shopping bag to the floor and turned away instead of handing it to her. This truly is the most happiest time of the year, isn't it?

Of course, this is all tongue in cheek because getting to share this season with my husband and our child makes my season bright. Be safe and jolly out there folks!


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