Today has been a day, a busy but good day. We invited Cheryl and Chuck (Zoe's babysitter and owners of our house) to dinner tonight. Originally, they were going to come yesterday but we postponed because of how sick I was Monday and my need to recuperate. Also, I just didn't feel like the house was ready. We spent a large part of last night hanging more stuff on our walls and straightening here and there, but the real work was done today.

I was able to actually take a shower this morning while Zoe entertained herself in her crib. This has only happened once before - I either take a shower while she's sleeping or I do it when Daniel is here. It was refreshing to start my day clean. The next couple hours were devoted to changing, feeding and playing with the baby. I got some laundry and dishes done while she took her morning nap. Later, she occupied herself in her crib while I scrubbed kitchen counters and finally put the finishing decorating touches on the kitchen. Oh, and I moved the Christmas decorations piled on the counter to various places around the living room! Now, we are festive and look less like a store.

Daniel had some extra vacation hours he needed to use before the end of the year, so he came home early. I cut fresh roses from the yards and arranged them in a vase. I did all my prep work for the pasta dinner I made. I set the table all fancy. Daniel dusted and vacuumed. I dressed Zoe in a dress and tights and black patent leather shoes with big bows on them. Everything was perfect and we are now exhausted.

My best girl friend arrives tomorrow for the weekend. She's going to babysit for us Saturday night while we're at a cocktail party Daniel's boss is throwing. My first rehearsal for 'Imaginary Friends' is Sunday night. Life is about to get really busy. Today might be the last day my house looks this way* before both sets of our parents are here for Christmas.... and then we do this all over again. Phew!

* Tomorrow I'll take pictures and post them so I can look back and remember how nice it looked.


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