My Day

4:30 am - Get stirred from sleep when husband gets up to get ready for work. Fall back asleep, but not before saying a little prayer that husband doesn't wake Zoe with the noise of getting ready so darn freaking early.

6-ish - Say "goodbye, have a nice day, I love you, be careful, goodbye, I love you." spiel while half asleep.

7-ish - Hear Zoe waking up. Get her, dress her, feed her, relax with her in bed, sing to her and plead with her to please take her morning nap early so I can get some more rest. This process takes about a little over an hour.

8:30-10:30 - Have the most peaceful nap I've had in ages with Zoe curled up next to me and a large chunk of my hair in her little hand - she fell asleep petting me. I wake up first and watch her sleep for a few minutes longer. She looks just like her Daddy when she sleeps.

10:30-10:40 - Pry hair from baby's grasp and go take a quick shower while Zoe still sleeps on bed with a wall of pillows surrounding her. I shower with the door open and wish I could rig some mirrors so that I can see the baby while in the shower.

10:45 - Walk in room to check on Zoe sleeping and find her looking around confused. When she sees me standing over her, she smiles and then covers her face while she laughs.

10:45 - 11:50 - Change, feed and entertain baby. Call Daniel and find out if his car will be accessible to me at his work parking lot because he has the stroller and I need to go to mall. I think I'll be walking out the door at 11:15, but the whole getting Zoe ready takes a lot more time than I'd figured. Almost nothing ever goes as quickly or according to plan since having a baby - I am finally accepting this and taking it all in stride.

Noon - Transfer stroller from his car to mine. Drive to mall and almost get into a pile up because people in Bakersfield suck at driving. Seriously. A large truck cut me off so fast that I had to swerve into the middle lane. He almost hit the car that had been in front of me and the car behind me had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the asshat who cut me off. I dealt with my anger by cussing at my bad_keely twitter page.

12:15-2 - Shop for pants and a new shirt for Daniel to wear to a "graduation" dinner for work. Stress about what pants to buy, and decide to buy three and let him choose. Worry about what I'll wear and opt to purchase a new dress for myself as well. This is the first work function I've been invited to (besides Christmas party) and I was nervous.

2-4:30 - Feed baby. Read two stories to Zoe. Take a short nap with her. Bundle her up and take her to Cheryl's for evening.

Leave Cheryl's at 5:15. Race home. Feed dogs and then let them outside. Freak out about what to wear even though I got a perfectly nice dress. Plug in straightening iron for my mushroom hair ( that was not mushroom hair pre-pregnancy or motherhood). Obsess over my roots that are so obvious and all the grey hairs. Grey. Hairs! Get dressed. Straighten hair. Freak out because my makeup bag is in Daniel's car. Let dogs back in house. Gulp down a glass of cranberry juice. Freak out that Daniel isn't home and hasn't called when it's 5:27 and we're supposed to be at his work "graduation" dinner thingy at 6pm. Pick up phone and see that I have one missed call and a voicemail that was left at 5:25. Ooops.

Husband walks in at 5:35. He changes clothes. I do my make-up in record time, which is pretty darn fast considering it normally only takes me ten minutes. We jump in car and head to dinner thingy.

6-8:30 - Shmoozing, eating, watching husband get a "diploma". He also get a Nano and I get to take home the centerpiece. Yay. I needed a short clear glass vase for all our pretty roses.

9-10 - Rehearsal for Imaginary Friends.

We're home now. I am SO tired! This blogging every day business can't possibly go on. I mean, I should be sleeping right now. Tomorrow promises to be hectic as well. Yay.


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