Zoe: Fashionista

On the mornings that I wake up Zoe and get her ready for the day, we have a little ritual. I give her a hug, she says hello to Bailey and Max (and is more interested in them, by the way). Then I go to her closet and pull out a couple clothing options for her consideration. I sing, "What are we going to wear today?"* which is received with big smiles and this twisty, kicking, dance move she does when she's happy (she does a variation of this dance while in her high chair eating something she thinks is particularly yummy). And then she points to one of the outfits. It's our thing.

Zoe is a Grabby McGrabbersons. Like most kids at this age if she sees something within her reach (or even not quite in her reach) she wants to grab it. She wants to touch it. She wants to inspect it and see how it works (I think she might get this from her father). But when we take her to a store with clothing (like, Target) this behavior changes a bit. She's more careful with what she chooses to reach out for. When she does find something to grab onto, she carefully inspects the color and feels the fabric. When we browse "her section" she is even more absorbed. She tries to pull outfits into the cart. If I let her choose between two outfits she will look at each of them and then grab one with gusto, hug it to herself and say "Thank you." very quickly.

Despite her obvious interest and enjoyment in clothing and shopping, Daniel and I opted to do our Black Friday shopping without her. We went to the outlet center in Carlsbad while she still slept in her bed at my parents house because the only thing that's worse than a crowded shopping center at 7am is being at that crowded shopping center with a toddler when you're eight months pregnant. And before you ask why we went at all, let me just tell you: they have a Carters store there that almost always has great deals. On Friday, the entire store was 50% off and then another 10% got taken off if you purchased more than $50 worth. We were on a mission, Finnegan needs clothes! So we grabbed some cute stuff and picked out some stuff for Zoe too and we were on our way. Until I found out there's a Gymboree there as well and then I had to check them out. Nothing for Finn, but a few things for our fashion plate.

When we got to my parents house three hours later, Zoe was sitting happily in her highchair, watching cartoons and eating apple slices. She glanced at me, but was very interested (her eyebrow up inquisitively) in the two shopping bags I had lugged in. I sat down next to her and showed her our shopping spoils: A hot pink tutu ("Oooh!"), a red dress with kitties ("Meow!"), a dress for the holidays ("Cute!"), etc. Every "Zoe purchase" was received with some exclamation of approval and little happy dances as she shoved apple slices in her mouth. Then I showed her "baby brother's" stuff. It was a parade of blues, greens, and browns. Little onesies, pants, pajamas and socks were met with the most serious deadpan I've ever seen Zoe give. She was unimpressed. Where was her stuff at? She looked over her shoulder for a glimpse of the pink and purple and red clothes I had just shown her. I held out something for her to touch and she politely pushed it away and her sweet little voice said, "No."

So there you have it. My little girl loves clothes, but is unimpressed with boy clothing. Let's hope she's more impressed with the little one who will be wearing them.

* - In our house, we opt to sing simple questions, requests, etc. It's the theatre people in us (we like to pretend we're living one big musical - LOL) and it seems to be making Zoe quite musical as well, since she's always singing lately. We love it.


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