1. I'm still pregnant. Remember when I said I thought Finn was going to come early? Well, I've changed my mind. I think he's so darn comfy in there it's a good thing we've scheduled the doc to get him out because I think he'd live in there forever if he could.

2. My toes are pretty, pedicured and blue! The last time I got a pedicure was at the very beginning of this pregnancy 10 years 9 months ago, so I did not feel at all guilty for shelling out a little bit more for a "SPA pedicure". I'm partial to a pedicure where I get to sit in one of those fancy chairs and not have the entire salon talk about me to each other in their language or try to convince me that I really "need" my eyebrow done/legs waxed. Anyway, it was heaven except for the conversation:

"So, when is your baby due?"
"I'm having a c-section on New Years Eve."

15 minutes later....

"So, what are you doing New Years Eve?"
"I'm having a baby."
"Oh, yeah. I forgot. That's no fun... well, I'll drink some champagne for you."

Also, I narrowly escaped little baby feet on one big toe and "It's a boy!" on the other. It was going to be on the house, but no. Not my style - I politely declined.

3. I am CONSTANTLY hungry. Like, famished. Like, all I can think about is food. Even when I'm snacking on chips and salsa I'm trying to plan what I will devour next. That 5 pounds I lost last week? I think I might see it's return (and then some) when I get on the scale Wednesday.

4. My next check up is on Wednesday (Christmas Eve). Despite there being no real change last time, I am bracing myself for my doc to tell me to get to the hospital straight away. I think it's because I've accepted the 12/31 plan and fully expect something to alter the plan because that is life.

5. We might take Zoe to meet Santa tonight. It's still up in the air.

6. My parents still aren't here. They were supposed to come yesterday but my poor mom isn't feeling well. They were supposed to come today but she's still not 100% (let's face it mom, you're probably not quite 50% yet - but I love you.) and then there's that dreaded Grapevine that they have to drive over with threats of fog, snow, ice, wind (and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!). We're hoping they can get here safely tomorrow and that the extra day of rest will be just what my mom needed to feel better. I believe everything happens for a reason.

7. We are almost completely ready on the baby front. The changing table is stocked, baby swing built, laundry done and put away. I just need us to clean a bit more and then I need to rearrange the furniture and reorganize our massive book and DVD collections.... but then we are SO ready.

8. Fresh and Easy is my new favorite store. They really are fresh and easy!

9. Anyone in Bakersfield want to come help Daniel hang curtains in our bedroom? It requires some expertise, I think - and the ability to get on a ladder (which I'm not allowed to do right now - Waah!). The task looks complicated to me, and that may be why it hasn't gotten done despite my declaring it top priority as soon as we found out we were having another baby. Must. Block. Out. Sun.

10. I'm having pie for dessert tonight and I can't wait.


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