The 3 of Us

This last Saturday we got the family up and ready so we could have a family/maternity photo shoot. You know, to sort of document this pregnancy even further and have some nice family photos of us when we were a family of three. One of our theatre friends (Danielle Radon) who in addition to be completely lovely, and a great actress and writer, is also a very talented photographer.

What I realized from our shoot is that I'm no longer quite as comfortable in front of the camera now that I spend so much behind it. I got over that quickly though between Danielle making me feel at ease with me just being natural and Daniel making me laugh. What is very, very clear from the photos (I think) is that there is a lot of love and laughter in our family and I fully expect this to grow exponentially with the arrival of our son.*

Anyway - let me quit with my words and show you some pictures!

Photography by Danielle Radon

You can see all the pics HERE:

*We're still set for 12/31... I've made absolutely no progress in the last five days but we're totally OK with that. My parents weren't able to make it because of the weather on the Grapevine (my mom is a wedding coordinator and can't risk missing a wedding she has this weekend) and Zoe's Cheryl and Chuck-Chuck are in Illinois until Saturday... so we're cool with waiting. Besides, this is giving us more time to relax and have some nice quality time just the three of us since Daniel is on vacation.

Alright. Now, I've got some Christmas Eve cuddling to do with my husband. Merry Christmas to all of you!



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