Four years ago tonight Daniel took me out on a fancy date. We ordered great food, delicious wine and had wonderful conversation. Somehow, we decided to pretend like we were on one of our first dates and asked those "getting to know you" questions you ask at the beginning of a relationship. Never mind that at that point we'd been together for nearly two years, had been living together for almost as long and had a "daughter", our Boston Terrier, Bailey. We still behaved like a couple of lovebirds, leaning close to each other, holding hands, asking each other what our goals and dreams were. And then in the most perfect moment, Daniel looked at me very seriously with eyes beaming and asked me if I would marry him. There was no hesitation, "Yes!" We stopped pretending like we were on one of our first dates and spent the rest of our time in the restaurant laughing and kissing and smiling from ear to ear.

It's amazing to think it's been so long - that so much has happened.

Happy Engagement Anniversary, Daniel!


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