Pregnancy Update

So, remember how I've been going on and on about Finnegan being evicted on December 29th? Scratch that. Turns out that despite us telling them a month ago that this was the date we'd chosen, they got their wires crossed and forgot to schedule it with the hospital. You know what that means? That means that a very hormonal and unreasonably emotional Keely nearly lost it in the car after our checkup. Because unlike most pregnant women, I had gotten to form a plan. I had everything worked out perfectly in my mind. We were going to spend a leisurely early morning with our first child on Monday, December 29th before dropping her off at her Cheryl's (and Chuck-Chuck's). The "plan" had been to be at the hospital at 10:30 am for prep and Finnegan would be making his debut via extraction c-section around noon-ish. We chose this day specifically based on multiple criteria that I had in my head.

1. I wanted to make sure we got to spend Christmas at home with Zoe and my parents who will be visiting for the week.
2. I wanted the latest possible day (has to be a weekday for "elective" surgery) that would be before the New Year, because HELLO, tax deduction/insurance deductible.
3. I wanted him to be born and spend the prerequisite time in recovery (a couple days) and have us all be back in our home with Zoe for New Years Eve (and Daniel's 30th birthday).
4. My gift to Daniel this year (aside from nurturing his son in my womb for the last nine months) was getting to have as close to a comfortable nights sleep as he could get - with a toddler, newborn and wife recovering from surgery - in his own bed on his birthday instead of on a tiny, uncomfortable cot in a tiny, uncomfortable recovery room.

But, stuff happens. Who was I to think that this pregnancy was going to go according to my plans? What pregnancy and/or delivery ever goes exactly the way we want it to? Geez. I had some nerve. You know what I did by counting on the 29th? I tempted fate and that was just plain silly.

So with that in mind, it would be completely ridiculous to count on my son adhering to the schedule we agreed to this afternoon:

We've been scheduled for a 7:30 am c-section on Wednesday, December 31st (Daniel's 30th birthday). We've been told that aside from the possibility of us getting pushed back because of other emergencies, that Finnegan will be born on the 31st. And to that I say: If you say so. But I'm not holding my breath.

I'm still on alert for this kid to take everything into his own hands and come when he's good and ready. I'm no further dilated or effaced than I was last week, but I've just completely abandoned my plans and given up on guarantees.

And Daniel is (of course) the reasonable one who is game for whatever happens. He's never been the "planner" in our family (thank goodness, there really can be only one). He says that his son being born on his birthday would be a great gift. He keeps reminding me that it's only 2 more days and I know he's right... I just need some time to adjust is all.

So everyone, be on alert. If today was any indication, the next 20 days are going to be a roller coaster ride of "crazy pregnant Keely". Brace yourselves, people. And we'll keep you posted. ;)


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