Well, it's official - I am pre-registered for my upcoming hospital visit! According to my packet from my doctor's office, I should have registered ten weeks ago. Since the paperwork and setting up billing took just under two hours, I am convinced that they want to get the pregnant mother's in soon enough so that they won't go into labor in Admissions. Seriously. Two hours seems a bit much, no?

I've set up a payment plan to pay for the birth and apparently, the hospital's new policy is to have patients start paying immediately. This seems super weird to me - like I'm paying for something that hasn't happened yet. I was told I wouldn't get a bill until months after Finn arrives and that they're only giving me an estimate on what the birth will cost because there is no way of knowing how long we'll stay in the hospital but that I have to start paying now. So we'll be making payments based on an estimate... does that seem weird to you?

Regardless, it was nice to check something else off of my "Things To Do" list. Not much more time before Finn gets here! I'm so excited.


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