Happy Halloween!

Honestly, I'm not really into today as far as holidays go... I ended up not getting a costume this year because the idea of dressing up as an oven with a bun in it or a pregnant nun just wasn't appealing. Don't even get me started on slathering my nekkid belly with paint so that it looks like a beach ball or a pumpkin. While I commend people for bravely sharing their pregnant bellies and using their current state towards their costumes, there's just no way I can hang with it. For one thing, I've got a toddler who would not be able to resist my belly with paint on it and two, I'm cool with just Daniel, Zoe and my doc seeing my belly. It's not that I'm not proud, I'm just modest.

Zoe on the other hand, does have costumes... and isn't particularly modest, but THAT'S another post for another day.

First, there's the "daytime" costume which isn't so much a costume but a festive nod to the day. She's got her stylish pumpkin t-shirt and candy leggings from Target and a chartreuse tutu... add pigtails and she's the cutest little punk rock girl/toddler/goblin you've ever seen.

We took her with us to our prenatal appointment in this outfit and she was a hit. The little stinker knows that she's cute, so she hammed it up for everyone in the waiting room, the staff, and the doc. When my doc came in the room she tried playing shy, but was soon reaching up to give him a hug - once she realized he was in there for me, not her - and then promptly said "Bye-bye!" before he could do the standard belly check. Looks like everything is still going according to schedule... and the doc is saying we can pretty much look at our schedules for when we want Finn to arrive be evicted from my belly. Because they don't like gestational diabetes mom's to go past the 40 weeks and this will be my second c-section, we get to choose a day between 38 and 40 weeks... not including weekends. So, we've chosen a tentative date. That said, something tells me this kiddo is going to be the one deciding when he'll be born - let's call it mothers intuition.

Anyway..... after my doc appointment, Daniel and I took Zoe with us to go do our early voting where she continued to flirt with and charm anyone who glanced her way. We're glad to have our voting done and will be happy to just sit at home on the 4th instead of dealing with the crowds of people at the polls.

And that's our afternoon. I'm off to go pick up some red velvet cupcakes from my favorite little sweet shop in town while Daniel works from home and our little monster naps. She's going to be a purple and pink monster tonight and I'm all sorts of excited to see her in her costume. We're planning on taking her to a few houses for her first trick or treating and then we'll take lots of pictures that I will post on flickr for friends and family to see.

I hope you all have a spooktacular evening. Bwahaha!


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