27 weeks/4 days

With just three days left in my second trimester I thought I'd write out some observations about my second pregnancy.

1. Time flies when you're having fun - I say this tongue in cheek, because clearly this hasn't all been fun times... but it seems like the days really are flying by. When I was pregnant with Zoe, the days seemed to drip along like molasses. It felt like she would never be here. Every day I told Daniel, "I wish it were time already!" I was so anxious to see her, hold her, have her with us. This time around, I'm willing to wait the allotted 40 weeks. I want him to stay safe inside me and I'm comfortable with the time guidelines because I know the longer he's in there, the better. I'm excited to see him and have him join our family - but I feel more content this time.

2. I feel pretty - Truly. And that just feels weird because I sure did have some bad hair and skin days while I was pregnant with Zoe. This time my hair shines and bounces and the roots barely show. This time I might still have some acne, but it pails in comparison to the acne I had with Zoe. I always sort of scoffed when people told me I "glowed" while I was pregnant with Zoe, but there's been a few days here and there in the last 27 weeks where I could swear I saw that glow people compliment me on.

3. I feel energized - I get tired from chasing Zoe around, for sure - but I'm sleeping better than I did in my first pregnancy. I realize that this isn't likely to last much longer, but it's nice to be able to say that now.

4. I feel good - I'm more in control of my gestational diabetes this time. By this time with Zoe, I was taking insulin before bedtime and this time my numbers are so good I might just get through this without taking any at all. I took it all very serious last time, but now I have an even better understanding for what I need to do. I think it's helped that I weigh less this time and that I have a daughter who loves to share my meals. I've said this before, but I plan on sticking to my current carb intake once this pregnancy is over because I really do think it's key in me being healthier overall.

Now, I should add that there is a certain health issue that is definitely worse this time around: Hemorrhoids. I've got one word for you: NIGHTMARE. So bad this time that I have a consult with a surgeon in a couple weeks. It's not likely we'll do surgery during pregnancy though since the doc doesn't like putting expectant mother's under anesthesia... but we'll see. All I gotta say is this sucks - but totally worth it in the end. Ha Ha. grrrrrr

5. I feel different - I'm carrying Finn lower than I did Zoe. I can feel Finn kicks much stronger and more frequently than his sisters'. I feel Braxton Hicks more frequently and I get more food cravings, more frequently. I feel like Finn must be HUGE, but we found out today that he is right on track with his growth and weighs just over 2 pounds.

So - yes. We got some info today when we went in for our second detailed ultrasound. This one was focused on his heart since the tech wasn't able to get a good enough view to evaluate last month based on his position. His heart looks great. Actually, everything looked great. He's got long fingers like his Daddy and big sister and he sure is handsome! The tech took some 3D images for us and I'm pretty darn sure Finn is gong to look more like his Daddy than me. This means each of us will have our own little "Mini Me's". Either way, I'm absolutely in love with my little boy, just as I knew I would be.


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