You know what's awesome? When your officially in your third trimester - and feeling absolutely gigantic - and your husband stops what he's doing, looks at you with a straight face and asks you if you've lost weight. Clearly, my husband is a very special man - but he deserves some major kudos for lifting my morale and making me feel even more beautiful than he does on any given day.


Truth is, I feel HUGE - but have somehow managed to only gain 3 pounds total so far and I think my face is thinning out a bit. I like that. What I'm also loving is seeing that our baby boy is thriving in my belly. He's strong and active and I can spend hours just staring at my belly as I see his kicks.

2nd day of 3rd trimester

I've been really bad about taking photos to document this pregnancy. I'm pretty much the photographer of our family so it's just difficult and mirror shots aren't always that flattering when trying to capture a belly without getting a bad angle. Right about now I'm wishing my photographer friends lived closer.


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