Wide Open Spaces

So. We are LOVING the new house. So much loving of the new house is happening that we are a little behind on cleaning the old house. It's just hard to go from this bright, big space to the old, dark house. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED that house too... but it was too small for the five of us and downright claustrophobic if we had guests.

I'm going to hold off on posting pics of the inside of the new house until sometime next week. We haven't finished finding a spot for everything yet. We have nothing hanging on the walls and the guest room bed is not built.

But in the meantime:

New Backyard

Back of house:
New Backyard

Bailey checks out the pool:

Beautiful Roses in front and back yards:
Roses in the New Backyard

It really is like having our own park:
It's like having our own park

We're all very excited*:

Especially Max:

Bailey is warming up to it:
Bailey Stink Eye

I feel like it's our own Shangri-La:
Our Palm Trees in the New Backyard

Honestly, we feel so lucky to get to live here... which says a lot because Bakersfield? Not so much our ideal place to be living.

* Couldn't resist posting one. If you're a flickr user, let me know and you can see all the Zoe pics. I took tons of Her Cuteness yesterday.


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