Still Breathing

Today is a good day.

We have a happy, healthy baby who is on her way to gaining some real weight. Thank goodness! (It's a long story that I will tell after Wednesday.)

We packed up four bookcases worth of books yesterday and have a game plan (I made a list!)for packing this weekend.

Tonight we took those four bookcases and all the books and unpacked them in the guest room. We came home, ate dinner and packed up the cars for a early trip tomorrow morning after we drop Zoe off at Cheryl's. My friend is too sick to visit, so Cheryl is doing us the favor of watching the baby so we can get some stuff done. I feel a load of pressure off my shoulders.

Zoe received some awesome presents from my blogger friend Sue today. Two adorable outfits. Two bibs. A pack of onesies. Socks. A toy that lights up, crinkles AND makes music. And my favorite: a pair of pink baby Converse.* I squealed when I saw these. Her generosity warms my heart. Thank you so much Sue!

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Converse were my favorite when I was in high school. I had yellow, navy, black and green. All of them are gone because I used to be married to an ass and he threw them all away. I think I need to buy some new pairs for me. Except I've realized while packing that we have too much stuff as it is and really, my feet are so big I probably have no business wearing bright yellow Converse anymore. I am 31 you know. I should probably let that fashion fave go and live vicariously through the monkey.


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