So, Daniel is going to be home with the Monkey pretty soon, so I figured I'll get some quick blogging in - nothing fabulous, just a few things on my mind.

Today is 'Mama Monday'. I'm sick, so 'Mama Monday'? Not so much with the fun and the socializing and stuff. I was feeling too horrible this morning to get up out of bed and wake Zo-Zo. Yeah, that's right I wake her. She sleeps through the night (and has for a while) from about 9:30pm to about NINE or TEN in the morning. I kid you not. I would not kid about such important things as sleep. I also would not brag, because you just watch.... tonight she will demand to stay up all night and then wake up at 6am. So me? NOT bragging. Just letting you know that I am feeling pretty darn lets just say DAMN! lucky right about now, even if I do feel like crap.

Daniel did me the favor of coming to get Zoe during his lunch and taking her to Cheryl's for the afternoon. I relaxed. I napped. I watched streaming video on ABC and NBC because we don't want cable even though there are ALL SORTS of shows I enjoy watching right now. Brothers and Sisters - Awesome. Chuck- Love it. Greys Anatomy - I'm a little disappointed but still hooked. I could go on and on. But I'm going to stop before I tell you too much..... like how I cried like a little baby watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. GAH!

I am noticing that I am using tons of caps in this post. I just need you to know how excited/happy I am about some of these things.

Anywho. While Zoe was away today I pumped. Last week I took the entire day off of breast feeding and pumping and it was amazing. It took a while for breast feeding to not be this horrible, painful experience but I kept on trying. Daniel was extremely supportive and Zoe? She was the "Little Engine that could" and eventually, with a lot of practice and patience and changes in how I was sitting we got it. So, I took last Wednesday off of pumping because pumping sucks. It's time consuming and painful and just an inconvenience. I get warm, fuzzy feelings knowing I'm feeding Zoe and she's enjoying it but the pumping is so... mechanical. But I pumped twice and was happy to do it because... well because I just was. Today I was happy to pump and tomorrow I might not be. It's just the way it goes.

I plan to keep on breastfeeding for as long as Zoe wants to and my milk supply is good. I used to have expectations for how long we would do it, but I've abandoned them. Breastfeeding does not make me a better mom and not breastfeeding won't make me worse. I'm happy to see Zoe grow and enjoy eating (she'd guzzle down formula just as happily). I feel good about the health benefits for her and me. But I don't feel like I'm this member of an exclusive club. I have only breastfed her once outside of our home (or my parents') and that was inside our parked car with a cover over both of us. This was a tangent, I know. It's just recently there was a protest in Bakersfield because women here thought it was wrong for people to judge them for whipping out their boob in public to feed their children. They were aggravated that restaurant owners and patrons wanted them to cover up and be more discreet. I watched the news segment and I did not understand these women. I did not relate. This was weeks ago, but it's been bugging me ever since. OK. Tangent over.

What else? Daniel and I mailed out our letter yesterday to our current landlord letting her know that we will not be renewing our lease here. As of October 31st at midnight we are outta here. I'm thrilled and freaked out all at once. But I'll have to tell you about that later. My family is home.


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