Right This Moment....

Zoe is in her Jumperoo (the biggest toy, EVER) watching Shrek 2. She's talking to the movie and dancing up and down like she's having the time of her life. This is a relief because a half hour ago she was not happy laying down, standing up or sitting. She was crying. She was screaming. She was laughing. Yup. Laughing, and then crying. Our little monkey sometimes has trouble making up her mind what emotion she wants to er, emote. When all else fails, she likes to spring them all on me one after the other and see how I handle it. And then? And then she likes to mix things up a bit by throwing up all over herself and me. The dogs love this, especially Max who always runs over to help me clean up the mess. And Zoe? Zoe seems to like it too. Maybe it's the loud "Ew!" or "Yucky, Zoe." that make her smile the sweetest (sometimes sly) smiles at me. I'm not sure. All I know is I'm absolutely in love with her and that I smell like vomit. Yum. Sexy. I know.


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