Happy Halloween

I used to love Halloween. It was an excuse to dress up and have fun and be someone different. As a child I dressed up as a cat, a gypsy, a flapper. Over time, I became less interested in the dressing up. I didn't have time to play and give in to the whimsy. Meeting Daniel changed my outlook on things and made me comfortable to let my guard down.

Halloween 2003:

KVB & D Halloween 2003

Halloween 2004:

Halloween 2004

But then we got too busy to dress up. We were going to rehearsals for shows, dealing with illness, Nana's cancer, etc. Life kind of swept us up and we became Halloween grinches. It didn't help that our old neighborhood was ridiculous on Halloween. Car loads of children were dropped off and they would trick or treat until after ten at night. Teenagers who weren't dressed up held out their bags as they flirted with me. Drunk fathers stood in the middle of the road holding beers as their children commented on our extensive DVD collection. Last year, we closed all the curtains, turned out all the lights and hid in our bedroom with the dogs.

This year we're getting back to the joy of the day. Zoe will be dressing up. We're going to visit with friends and we have a ton of candy to hand out to our new neighbors.

Since Zoe is now a part of our family, we're enjoying getting to celebrate today with her and making memories. We're even starting some new traditions.

Halloween Stuff

Every holiday we're going to get a new decoration and a new book for Zoe. Putting out Christmas decorations was always a big deal to me and I loved looking at each item and remembering the years past with my parents. I still tell the stories of certain things to Daniel and once she is older, I know I will tell Zoe. So this is our way of spreading the joy out over the year. We'll do this with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter... and whatever else we can. I think it will be fun for all of us, and keep us from spending too much money every year on holiday gear.

Happy Halloween! Expect a treat or two tomorrow!


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