So. The glider is built. It's comfy. Max eyes it whenever he gets the chance. Jumps on our laps and sways against the glider, but appears to love it. Bailey could care less. She seems bothered by our time spent in the smallish room with all the black furniture, but does enjoy sitting under the crib. Max joins her and then they wrestle.... under the crib. Must stop that soon before it gets out of hand.

The changing table arrived Monday night, but we (well, Daniel) waited to build it until last night because he was feeling sick. One of us, or both of us is constantly feeling bad since New Year's day. It sucks. It makes me lazy and cranky. I have too much to do to be lazy and I don't like being cranky. Except I'm not so sure my crankiness is obvious. Sometimes I feel the need to just make the announcement. "Hey. I'm cranky." That usually makes me feel a little bit better.

We got the call Monday night that the bedding we'd ordered arrived in San Diego. I paid the balance owed and was told it would ship out Tuesday. I called Tuesday to get a tracking number... you know, to track the bedding. So the sales associate pauses after I ask for this information and asks, "Why do you want the tracking number?"

The answer seems obvious to me. "To track the progress of the bedding I've paid for." I smile after I say this instead of rolling my eyes because I remember my phone training from years ago, that a customer can always "hear" a frown or a smile. I wonder if she realizes mine is being forced. Nah.

"Oh, OK." She puts me on hold to retrieve information and gets back on to tell me that they didn't ship it.

"OK. I was told it would be shipped out today."

There is no pause. "Yeah, well. We're going to ship it tomorrow instead. I have a tracking number for you if you want it though."

I get the tracking number and then I tell myself to relax. The bedding will arrive soon... probably the day after we find out we're actually having a boy instead of a girl, and then I'll have to exchange it. When I ship it back, they will want a tracking number. Just you watch.

Other news includes me discovering my love for sugar free Breyers ice cream bars. Vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate shell. 18 carbs! I love them. Love them!  I am still on the lookout for a TCBY or some place where I can get good sugar free frozen yogurt though. It seems that removing the sugar from my diet makes me crave it. We always want what we can't have. Well, not really. I'm pretty darn happy with the things I do have and don't care so much about the rest. But I do crave sweets right now... and pickles. I might need to go eat a pickle - right now.

I dreamt last night that my mom was really encouraging me to start baking, and doing more crafts. I kept telling her that I'm just going to stick with my photography as my craft, but she told me that I needed to do baking and crafts for Zoe's well-being. She was very persistent, so I got off the phone with her and went into my kitchen and made a huge (HUGE!) cupcake with different colored frosting swirling into a big mountain of frosting. And then I ate it. The whole thing. See, I'm craving sweets. It was a strange dream, but man I wish I had a cupcake to eat right now. Oddlly enough, it's encouraged me to go to JoAnn's Fabric and Aaron Brothers today. I am SO influenced by my dreams. Too bad the 5 foot cupcake is off limits.

OK. Update over.


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