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I got an email today from the director or The Vagina Monologues. I got in, along with tons of other extremely talented women all of which I am extremely excited ot work with. A few of them are already good friends; I imagine more of them will be by the time this is over. I get to do the monologue I auditioned with: The Vagina Workshop. It was the only one out of the bunch that I could really imagine doing 30 weeks pregnant, and luckily Amy saw it the same way. I am beyond excited. I've always wanted to be a part of V-day. Maybe it was becoming a mother that pushed me in that direction. Whether we find out for sure tomorrow (at our detailed ultrasound) that this baby is a Zoe or a Connor, they are a big part of why I wanted the chance to do this. I wanted to do something that makes a difference. I want to teach them from example that violence against women, or anyone is wrong. I should have gotten involved years ago, but I'm grateful for the opportunity now.


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