"Wicked" Fun and Bad Manners

Last Saturday afternoon, Daniel and I checked into the Hilton Gaslamp in downtown San Diego. We relaxed and then got ready to go to the theatre to see Wicked. My husband ironed his shirt for the first time in ages and I did my hair and makeup. It was an event. We looked good. I should have taken a picture of us.

When we got down to the lobby, we asked the guy at the front desk what the quickest way to the Civic Theatre was. He suggested we walk since it was just a turn to the left and then 4 blocks away. Four blocks later, we were at the Pacific movie theater. Clearly, I need to annunciate better. We kept walking for a few more blocks, made another left and arrived at our destination with time to consume bottled water and a cheese tray for two before we took our seats.

The show was fabulous. It was an amazing experience to see those characters come alive after being a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz movie and the Wicked book. I felt like a little girl watching every scene with anticipation for what would come next. I was mesmerized by the voices, acting, costumes, set and lighting. It was awesome!

Sorry. I must interrupt this post to bring you this list:

How To Be a Bad Theatregoer & Drive Keely Crazy

1. Complain about how awful you think your seat is (in the front orchestra) while there are little kids sitting in the nose bleed section of the theatre excited just to be at a theatre.

2. Arrive at the theatre late.

3. When arriving late, (instead of waiting until intermission to take your seat) walk slowly and upright to your seat as the play is going on. Pause and watch the action (blocking the people behind you) if something really cool seems to be happening on stage.

4. Stake your claim on both of the armrests and elbow the person sitting next to you frequently.

5. If you can’t see the action on stage, go ahead and just lean into the personal space of the person next to you.

6. Huff, puff, sigh deeply and yawn loudly so that everyone knows how much you hate your seat and how bored or tired you are.

7. Have a conversation with the person next to you during the show.

8. Take numerous photos of the actors on stage and illuminate the space around you with the bright green light from your camera.

9. Wear so much perfume/cologne that the people around you want to gag.

Seriously. What gives? Are people so ignorant or am I just hyper sensitive to all of this? As much as I loved getting to see Wicked, a part of my experience was tarnished because a lady sitting next to me did 6 of the nine things on my little list up there. I ended up switching places with Daniel during intermission because I was so close to telling her to get her elbows and hands (HANDS!) off of me. To hear her talk before the show, you’d think she was a regular audience member, so shouldn’t she have known better? OY!

We now return to a calmer, happier Keely:

Oh well. I still loved the show. Getting to be a part of theatre is always special to me, whether I am sitting in the audience or acting on stage. I am consumed by all of the creativity. A clear sign that I enjoyed the show and the actors is when I get teary during their curtain call. I don't know if it’s the camaraderie I feel for them or what… but it’s a little embarrassing. Last Saturday night, I got just a little choked up...and it wasn't because of the smelly lady sitting next to me.

Oh - real fast. In "Getting Pregnant News": Last night Daniel told me he'd seen my blog post yesterday and he thanked me for what I wrote. He went on to tell me that he's actually "sort of excited" to be giving me injections in the stomach again. I told him "Cool, I'm glad that's fun for you!" The man cracks me up! He says things on a regular basis that I wish I could share with y'all, but it's not family friendly. Anyway, I figure if sticking my stomach with a little needle is fun for him - then I'm glad...some couples might consider that a stressor in their relationship. Not us. As much as we want to be pregnant and have a baby, we're enjoying every bit of our time and keeping our sense of humor about...well, everything. I think having the first round of treatment not work was good for me. Sure, I would love for the next pregnancy test I take to be positive...but eventually it will be.


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