Like A Good Neighbor

I think Daniel and I are good neighbors. One, we don't leave clutter out on our porch or lawn (like the guy down the street who has a VERY large model of a battleship). Two, we make sure our yard looks good by paying a nice gardener to take care of it weekly. Three, we 're know, we wave every once in a while. Four, we don't throw wild, crazy all night parties. Five, we don't play our music loud. Six, we don't argue so the whole neighborhood can hear like the crazy people across the street. Seven, I try to keep the dogs quiet. Eight, we don't park in front of their house even if they park in front of ours (and steal Daniel's spot). Nine, the dog children don't use other lawns as their bathroom area. And ten...I can't think of a number 10, but trust me we're good neighbors to have.

I guess that's why I get so annoyed with our neighbors.

On one side of us we have a very old couple who is barely ever home. Aside from this one time the little old lady jumped out from behind a tree to talk to me, we haven't had barely any contact with them. Occasionally I see her hiding in the bushes, but whatever. They're quiet and nice enough....and they seem to really like their foliage.

I'm constantly annoyed by the family that lives on the other side of us. Sure, they're friendly's not that. It's all the work they do on their house - at seven in the morning. It's the people they hire to fix their roof who I catch staring into my bathroom as I'm about to get ready for a shower. They don't let us know that they'll be having work done to their house or apologize about the noise until the work had already been going on for a couple days. To me, that is too little too late. I'm patient and I avoid confrontation at all costs, but there have been times when I just wish they would go away.

So, they're moving. YAY! They sold their house and will be gone by Sunday. I wish it were sooner. Three times this week they have knocked on our door before 9 am. This morning I looked in our backyard to see what the dogs were freaking out about and lo - there was some exterminator guy walking through my backyard and he'd left the back gate wide open. Grrr. Oh, and to get that yellow and blue tent up on their rotting garage they took down two pieces of our fence without permission. My dogs may annoy me sometimes and I might threaten to give them away after I find a big hole in my sofa, but I do not want my little munchkins running away. Go ahead, wake me up. Disturb me before I've had a chance to properly get out of my morning funk. Let your contractors peep in my windows! But don't you mess with my dogs safety! Damn it! Exclamation point, Exclamation Point!!

This post brought to you by the letter "C" for cranky, the letter "E" for emotional, and the letter "H" for hormones. Oh, and also the letter "G" for GRRRRR.


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