Negative, But Staying Positive

So. Today was actually the day my doc told me to take an at home pregnancy test. The plan was to take it this morning and if it was positive, then rush to the lab for a blood test confirmation. The good news is, no blood test today! The sorta sad news is no baby either.

I'm fine and as the title states, still staying positive...but I'm not going to lie: I had gotten my hopes up that everything would work on the first round of treatment. I kept telling myself to chill out. I said over and over again that all that nausea was just the stomach flu, but I wanted it to be morning sickness. I was excited to get to tell Daniel, our parents, his sister, and everyone else the good news. Now, we'll have to wait a little bit longer.

And that's OK. Good things come to those who wait, right? I'm reminded of the fact that after having a horrible existence/marriage with Assface and then some time alone where I began to believe (and accept) that I would always be alone...that Daniel and our relationship is even more precious to me than I ever would have imagined another person could be. I feel like I appreciate what we have more because I never thought I'd find someone like him. I know that when we have our baby we'll feel similarly...when the time is right.

So. I've put a call into our doctor's office and I'm waiting for a call back. They'll prescribe more medicines, Daniel will be injecting me again and I suppose we'll have another ultrasound in a couple weeks. But don't expect to hear about it on here. From here on, (unless something monumental happens) it's back to our regular programming. I've got some blogs in the works. Some rants. Some anecdotes. Some observations. Stay tuned.

In other news: I got lucky! JustJenn was having a blog giveaway and I was won of the winners! I am so I told her in an email, I needed some good news today. Finding out I was a winner brightened my morning a bit. Thank you, Jenn!


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