Bad dog!

I love our dogs. Some people might say I love our dogs too much...and to that I'd say: maybe. It's no secret that I consider these dogs family. They are my pseudo children. I know, it may sound a little silly...but part of me feels like I'm a mom already because of these rascals. And when I say rascals, I mean evil spawn. It's gotta be motherly love that gets me through the havoc they reap in public and on our home.

For example:

Just a few days ago, we came home to find a two inch hole in our new sectional. We know it was Max because he had sofa stuffing stuck to his lip. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this was retaliation for taking his blessed Lazy Boy recliner away. He loved that thing. I could have screamed, but instead I just laughed. Screaming wouldn't have turned back time and saved my couch. It might have felt good, but laughing felt better.

In all fairness, Bailey hasn't done anything bad in quite a while...most of her episodes were when she was a puppy. She's matured a lot. I mean, she whines like a little baby if we don't play with her on her schedule and she won't turn her back on the chance to eat a bra...but she's a good girl.

Happy girl

We try to take Max with a grain of salt. He just barely had his first birthday and he's still learning what is acceptable behavior and not. I think most of his issues stem from eating. Max is always a hungry boy. As demonstrated, he can't seem to resist anything. It's all food to him...even my sofa. Maybe it's our fault for putting him on a diet? it seems he's found the need to supplement his abbreviated diet with bookcases, sofas, oh...and occasionally a nice poo snack. Our friend Alison calls him Poo Daddy.



Since shipping them off isn't an option, we just love them. Unfortunately, we can't really sit them down and explain that destroying our furniture is bad. We can't force them to get a job or do chores to pay off the damage they've done. Spanking and yelling doesn't help if we don't catch them in the act. So, we just love them - flaws and all.

And I look up obedience classes to enroll them in.


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