The Times They Are A-Changin'

Ever since Daniel and I first started talking about wanting to start a family, our family and friends have drilled it into our heads delicately told us that our lives would change the moment we brought our baby home. This excited us. We liked our lives just fine the way they were, but we were happy to get to add an extension of us into the mix. We’re looking forward to everything that expanding our family will bring. Ok, maybe not so much with the late night feedings, lack of sleep, lots of dirty diapers, etc. but we think all of those things are worth what we’re getting.

That said we have taken all of the advice people have given us into advisement. We have welcomed their input and as we see fit, we’ll use what we want and disregard the rest.* Being a parent is being a parent. We expect to make mistakes. We expect that we’ll make some decisions and then go back and say “Oh, no. We’re not doing it this way again.” That’s life. It’s actually one of the parts I like best about it. The learning. The evolving.

A big thing other parents have emphasized is that we get out and do the things we want to do now. OK. Done. We’re doing that. Sometimes what we want is to just stay in our little house and just relax. Sometimes a people strike is in order. Sometimes we get out for a nice dinner just the two of us. We’ve always been crazy like that. Wild party animals is what we are! I know, we’d better settle down before Zoe gets here.

But, kidding aside: we know we won’t be able to get out alone as much as we do now. We’ll have to schedule seeing plays and movies further in advance and rely on the kindness of family and friends to let us out for say... an hour of adult time. We’ll have to bite the bullet and stay home more often. No more late night partying at Riley’s (I kid, I kid).

So really, the whole point of this is: Daniel finally gave in and I have joined the masses and become Netflix members. I’ve put tons of movies into our queue and we got our first three today. I figured we should get used to a mellower lifestyle now, so we don’t go through withdrawals.

*That right there was actually a piece of advice that a complete stranger sales clerk told us not that long ago without us soliciting any advice at all – but that’s a common way advice is doled out.


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