32 Week Check-up

I just got home from our 32* week check-up with Dr Y. Everything is moving along at the normal pace. Zoe was kicking and fluttering about. Her heartbeat sounded normal and was the right speed. I measured (fundal height) right in line with where I should at this point in the pregnancy, so Doc expects she's between 3.5 and 4 pounds. Right on target... at this point we're not having an Amazon baby. Yay us.

Yay me, too. Since my last appointment two weeks ago, I have lost another pound. Basically that means that even with the weight of Zoe, the placenta, and all the extra blood I'm producing - I've only gained one pound since getting pregnant. I'm pretty happy with that. Keep in mind; my lack of weight gain is only safe because I was no skinny minnie prior to Zoe being conceived. I had plenty of meat on my bones already. Also, I've maintained a pretty healthy diet. I'm definitely not starving myself (I eat three meals and three snacks per day at minimum) and me and Zoe are getting all the nutrition and vitamins we need to stay healthy. Daniel has been a great partner and supporter of healthier eating habits and he's my walking partner. We do nightly laps around Borders, Barnes & Noble, Target, etc. I feel pretty darn good despite my roundness, (like a beach ball!) backaches and Braxton Hicks. So despite my nervousness and anxiety over the impending labor and delivery, I really am enjoying being pregnant.

Speaking of labor and delivery: Dr. Y says that at this point, he doesn't plan on inducing prior to 38 weeks (May 11) and we could potentially wait until 39 weeks (May 18). This could change if Zoe has a sudden growth spurt and decides to gain more weekly. The idea is for me to not have to deliver a 10-pound (or more) baby. Of course, there is always the chance that Zoe could decide we're (she's) ready prior to me being induced and as long as it's not too early I'm in favor of that plan. If given the choice, I'd rather let things happen naturally. I'm not in a big rush to have her out. Really, whatever happens... we won't have a whole lot of notice on when she'll be here, but we'll keep you posted.

Tick Tock!

*32 weeks, 5 days. Yep. I count every single day... whatever gets us closer to the finish line.


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