Health Update

We found out this morning that Finnegan has pneumonia.

An hour later, Daniel was at the doc. He has bronchitis.

Less than an hour later I was on the phone with the pediatrician requesting Zoe get a chest xray too. Call it mothers intuition or just common sense, but it seemed like Z had more than a common cold.

An hour later I was at the Pulmonologist.

THREE hours, 2 breathing tests, and 2 chest xrays later, we know that my pneumonia is improving but likely to turn into bronchitis. The bad news is my lungs are at 50% capacity. The good news is... that's better than 0. The doc is trying to figure out why this is happening to me. Pneumonia should only affect me by 15%... 50 is bad. The other news is that he wants to check me for Valley Fever again next week. He says despite last weeks results, it's just too early to know I don't have it. He also says he'd rather I have VF because he knows how to treat that. Look at me! I'm so *mysterious*.

As soon as we finished there, we took Z for her chest xray. She doesn't have pneumonia, but she does have bronchitis. 

So 2 and 2... and we're all on antibiotics. Party at my house! Ahem. NOT!

The best part of my day (because I'm looking for some more positives): I ran into someone I hired when I worked at Pier One. She had no retail experience when I met her and the other managers didn't want to hire her... but I pushed for it because she was a single mom of 2 and needed a job - and I knew I could train her. She worked there for 5 years. She became a manager. She put herself thru school. She was the tech who took Zoe's xray. I was so happy to see her and feel like I had a small part in helping her get to that point.

Silver lining. :)


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