Dear Finnegan,

On this day one year ago, you were just eleven days old. So little and new to our family but already we had all fallen in love with you. I remember thinking then, as I do now, that you were meant to be with us at exactly the time that you came into our lives.

You see, when Daddy and I decided we'd like to bring another child into this world, we had no idea how fast it would happen. We were sure we would need help like with your sister. We imagined the "process" would take several months and we'd get pregnant again after maybe a year of trying. Well, you and fate had other plans because you were conceived 2 months after our "let's have another baby" talk. In fact, I had made an appointment with my doctor to talk to them about my trouble getting pregnant and had to change that to a prenatal appointment. This is why you are called our "budget baby" by the way, not because you are at all less expensive than your sister to take care of.

When you were in my belly, you were so active I was sure you were going to be this wild child with tons of energy. I was right and wrong. Unlike your sister, who is currently very vocal, you like to sit back and observe things. You speak softly as you go about your business walking and crawling and taking things apart. You sit in my lap and play with my hair and sing softly to me and you quietly sing yourself to sleep in baby talk. Like your sister, you are very curious and very, very, VERY expressive. I think you started arching your eyebrows from my womb because you were giving us those sly looks right away.

While you have a more reserved approach to interacting with new people, you make up for it in your activity. Like when you were in the womb, you like to be moving constantly. You started walking 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago, you started running. You like to throw your arms up in the air as you walk/run. I'm not sure what that's all about besides being adorable, but it's definitely not helping you with your balance or knocking into things. It's a miracle if we get through a day without you knocking your sweet little head on a table, bookcase, or a wall. I'm considering getting you a hard hat or maybe wrapping our walls and furniture in blankets and pillows to keep you safe. Not to say that you seem at all affected besides the scratches and bruises - you might protest for a few seconds, but you always get right back up for more. I think you want to keep up with your sister, you love her so.

It brings your daddy and me such joy to see you and Zoe together. You watch everything she does and you seem so amazed and entertained. You follow her all over the place and just laugh at her when she plays with and sings to you. I had worried that because you were so close together I was depriving you both of alone time with me and your daddy, but I know now that you both are thriving getting to be so close in age. That is not to say we don't have our bad moments within a day. You two get impatient with each other and there is sometimes pushing and not wanting to share, but there is mostly hugs and kisses and playing happily.

Yesterday we celebrated your 1st birthday with some of our friends and family. The house was full of people who loved you and I was so proud of you and to get to share our little family with them. You sat back and observed a lot of the time, but you also mingled, played and ate some cake (very neatly, I must add). When it was all over, and the house was picked up, you lay down flat on your back and just passed out from exhaustion. I imagine it takes a lot out of a little boy to celebrate their 1st year twice (we had a small party, just the 4 of us, for you and your Daddy on New Year's Eve).

I love you, baby boy. You really do complete our family.



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