Tuesday: Girl's Day

Last Tuesday was Finnegan's first full day away from the house and me. Daniel and I carefully got him ready and loaded him up in his car seat. I loaded a bag with 20 diapers, 4 burp cloths, 3 changes of clothes and five bottles of my milk for his nine hour stay at Cheryl's*. And as we were securing him in his seat, I might have cried... just a little bit.

And then I went back to sleep for a while because Zoe is still my little sleepyhead who will sleep til 10am if I let her.

I took a shower and got ready - meaning, I actually put some lipstick on.

I got her up at nine.

We had breakfast together and watched some PBS Kids.

And then we got ready for the park because we were lucky enough to have a lovely, sunny day instead of this grey weather we've had since yesterday.

Zoe squealed with delight when I pulled into the parking lot of the park. The park is only two blocks from our house and I feel a little guilty for not just pushing her stroller, but I had big plans for our girls day. Lots of fun to be had!

Here she is counting. "1, 2, 3, 5, 7, NINE!"

Girls Day

She made a few friends at the park. Two of them were little boys, one a few months younger than she and the other a year older. They did not know what to make of this little thing who stood in their personal space staring at them intently, who then reached out to hug them once she decided she liked them... which took 30 seconds. They ran away from her and she followed sweetly, saying "Hi!" with her arms stretched out for a hug. She didn't get a hug, but if this picture is any indication, someday boys are going to feel honored that she is even acknowledging their presence.

"Girls Day"

After the park, we went home for a quick pumping session, water, and diaper change and then we were on the road again.

We had a quick lunch on the go and then we were off to the mall for some shopping. First we bought her a cute little sunhat that she wore proudly for the rest of the afternoon. Then we went dress shopping. Here she is waiting for our dressing room:

Girls Day

When we got into our dressing room she danced and ran around. She held tightly onto the dress she was going to try on saying, "CUTE!" She loved looking at herself in the mirror and laughed and squealed. Since this was the first time I'd attempted taking her in a dressing room and actually trying stuff on her, I had no idea what to expect... but it was so much fun I wish I'd grabbed more than just one thing for her to try on:

Girls Day

The brown dress is a hand me down... she wouldn't let me take it off her completely. The dress on top is old navy - where we are trying it on. The hat we had just purchased at Gymboree. Somehow it all works, I think. Must be the cute little lady wearing it!

After the mall we headed back home for a quick nap and then we went to pick up Finn** and have dinner with Cheryl while Daniel worked a little later than normal.

"Girl's Day" is going to be a weekly thing for me and Zoe. It gives us time together, just the two of us, where I can just focus on her and her needs. I realized as we were playing at the park and laughing in the dressing room that we hadn't really had a day like this before. Sure, I'd taken her to the park before and we've spent plenty of days alone... but I'd been pregnant. We found out we were expecting a month before her 1st birthday, before she was walking and so independent. For the next nine months I chased and attempted to contain a very active little girl when I myself had no energy and felt sick all the time. Now that Finn is sleeping better and I'm adapting to being a mother of two, I have more energy to be the kind of mom I want to be for her and Finn.

* - I totally over packed!
** - Zoe never once asked where her baby brother was!


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