Show and Tell

This is the bridesmaid dress that I will be wearing a week from this Saturday in my hometown, Palm Springs.

Trying on the bridesmaid dress

Well, Palm Desert, actually... but no one ever knows where I'm talking about unless I say "Palm Springs".

Daniel likes to make fun of me when I just say "the Desert". He says it sounds so ominous. "I grew up in the Desert." Like I lived off the land on my own and rode a camel or something.

Anyway. That was a tangent.

So, I had to give my measurements for this lovely dress when I was nine months pregnant because of the timing.


37 weeks/5 days....13 days or less to go!

just happens to be my ginormous "baby belly" the day* I placed the order.

Can I just say how ridiculous that was? Why does it have to take so long to have a dress made anyway? And how lame is it to have to give super big numbers that you know are going to change days after you give birth?! When I told the lady I was having a baby 13 days from when we talked and that my measurements were going to shrink considerably, she told me she doubted I would lose any of the weight by the end of March.... to which I said: fuckyouverymuch.

Trying on the bridesmaid dress

Fine. I totally didn't say that, but I was so hormonal that I really could have.

ANYWAY. I lost the weight and then some and this bad boy had to be taken in quite a bit. Yay, me. Well, yay breastfeeding... because I'm pretty sure that's how I lost it all. I'm by no means where I want to be weight wise, but I'm sort of ok with how I look in this thing.

Trying on the bridesmaid dress...

* - How cool that I had the foresight to take a pic on that day so I could blog about it now?!


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