Three years ago I was in San Antonio, Texas with my then fiance and our friends and family. I was getting my nails done with my pal Mel while my soon to be father in law was giving my other bridesmaids a tour of the Alamo. I was not nervous to be making this huge commitment to Daniel because I knew we were supposed to be exactly where we were, but I was stressing about the small details.

The rest of that day is actually a blur to me. I know we all drove out for the rehearsal. I remember going to eat afterwards and spending the evening crawling around under tables with Ariel (our friend's Lee (who married us) and Brooke's daughter). I remember Matt and Evan playing with Star Wars figures at our table, making them sit on water glasses, etc. I remember wishing we'd had someone taking pictures of that dinner. Afterwards, we drove back downtown and spent the evening wading through crowds in the King Williams District for First Friday. We sat at Madhatter's drinking Shiner and taking funny pictures and then I think we went back to our room and tried to relax.

The night before our wedding

I remember going to bed that night with butterflies in my stomach. Not because I was nervous, but because I was so excited to marry Daniel in front of our friends and family. We were about to embark on this great adventure and I was so excited to do so.

Three years ago I was about to make the most important commitment of my entire life to my best friend and partner. I hadn't written my vows yet, (I didn't until a few hours before the wedding) but I was not worried because my heart knew exactly what it needed to say.

I love you, Daniel.


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