Today I had to call our medical insurance company because apparently, they weren't going to pay for a claim of mine until they verified that I did not have any other insurance - either primary or secondary. What? I've been covered through Daniel's insurance for almost five years and at least once/usually twice a year I have to go through this. When I asked the representative why they have to ask me this so frequently she told me that I'm covered through my spouse... and that my status could very easily change so they like to check AT LEAST twice a year, sometimes more.


So, basically our insurance company has no faith in my marriage status. Nice. Thanks a lot for that vote of confidence big insurance company!

Since the rep "had me on the line" she went ahead and verified Zoe's status as well.

"Does Zoe have any other insurance yet, primary or secondary?"
"No. She's fifteen months old, she hasn't gotten around to getting any other insurance just yet."
"We just like to verify that your spouse is still covering her."
"Yeah. I expect he'll be covering her for at least 17 more years."

Seriously?! Insurance is great - I'm very thankful that we have the coverage we do, especially since I've had to go through periods in my life where I wasn't covered - but I hate the hoops we have to jump through to make sure claims are paid for. The lack of knowledge or tact that the representatives that I've dealt with in the past leaves my blood boiling... and that's not just the crazy pregnancy hormones.


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