With Zoe it was frozen yogurt, drumsticks - of the ice cream variety, Cocoa Pebbles/Krispies and spicy foods in general. In the third trimester, once I started injecting insulin at night - I think I had a chocolate chip cookie everyday just before bed... and it never hurt my numbers. I never sent Daniel on wild goose chases for crazy cravings because I just didn't really have them, although I do admit I did have strong urgings that we eat at specific places. Really, I played the "we can't eat Chinese food because the baby doesn't like it" card whenever needed.

With Finn, everything is different. I've had the occasional frozen yogurt, but it's lost it's magic. There's been no drumsticks, I've yet to have a warmed up cookie with a glass of milk and spicy food inevitably gives me painful heartburn. The Cocoa Pebbles I eat almost daily, but lately I've been wanting to do something slightly unorthodox with this sweet cereal.

I have an almost uncontrollable urge to put my Cocoa Pebbles between two pieces of my double fiber - lower carb bread and some peanut butter.

Since the beginning of this pregnancy I cannot resist a pickle and have no qualms eating one at any time of day. I love pickles!

A couple weeks ago I announced that what I really "needed" was some grilled chicken, whole grain rice, water chestnuts, snow peas and sprouts with soy sauce. Daniel was in shock because this was just not normal... next thing you know I'd start denouncing Mexican food and then the world would surely be coming to an end.

This evening I exclaimed I needed Doritos and cream cheese, stat. Daniel looked at me, "Really?" I ended up backing down because I just don't want to be tat wife who sends her husband out at nine o'clock at night for food and also, he offered to make me some dip that I could eat with some potato chips. So, he makes the dip for me and puts it in the fridge to set for a bit, but my craving for salt was fleeting and I ended up just eating my cereal.

You know everyone always says that every pregnancy is different and honestly, I never really believed it until I started finding out for myself. If my food cravings are any indication, we may be in for some surprises.


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