I Hate Goodbyes

I have always admired Daniel's friendship with "the guys" as I dubbed them. They had a closeness that even though none of them are especially good at picking up the phone or emailing, they picked up where they left off when they saw each other. That bond, (those friendships) was one of the things that made me fall in love with Daniel.

And they made me feel welcome and a part of that group right away. First when I met some of them on my first trip to Austin and then when we went to Midland for Daniel and Sarah's wedding. I'd known Evan for less than 24 hours and he was telling me that he loved me and smacking me on the ass. I was slightly overwhelmed then, and then after some explaining from Daniel and just being around him, I came to see that that was his way of bringing me into the group and making me feel welcome. I'd like to believe that smack was his sign of approval.

We got some very sad, horrible news today that Evan was in a fatal car accident. We don't know details, all we know is that he's not here anymore. Zoe and this little one on the way aren't going to meet their crazy uncle Evan - but they will hear stories and they will see pictures.

The guys back in their college days:

Tossing rose petals after we got married:
Rose Petal Toss 6

Evan got into it and I'm pretty sure all those roses I found in my dress that night were from his vigorous throwing:
Rose Petal Toss 7

Waiting for their turn

Acting natural?

I'm not sure what was happening here, but they were having a good time:


On the patio

I'd tried to set up us all getting together when we were in Texas a few weeks ago. I'd sent out an email to everyone and this was the message I got back from Evan:


This calls for celebration!
This is awesome; I know I don't keep in touch with everyone very well (it's kind of a superpower of mine, I think), so I'm just really grateful that YOU keep in touch with ME and tell me these things, because I MISS YOU GUYS!
And of course I'm interested to see what kind of Zoe creature you and Daniel have produced.
I know Nigel & I will be working during the week, but your trip kind of falls on TWO weekends almost; I'm positive we'd be able to come down Friday & Saturday, at LEAST. Though, I guess I shouldn't speak for Nigel, since I don't know his schedule. We're both in Fort Worth now, so don't go looking for me in Houston! If you found someone who looks like me, take my word, it's a robot.
Keep me posted?
Daniel knows I'm not the most schedule/plan/memory-friendly guy, so feel free to send me all the reminders you want!"

Right now, more than ever we wished we could have met up with him. Right now, more than ever we wish we were in Texas with our friends.

HUZZAHHHH!!!, Evan. We miss you.


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