Grace in Small Things

When I signed up for GIST, I thought it would be the perfect thing for me. I thought it would keep me grounded, positive and appreciative for all the amazing things going on in my life and I looked forward to reading everyone else’s lists. But somewhere between giving birth to my son on December 31st of 2008 and now, I lost my zest for blogging. Slowly, I’m trying to get back into it because I’ve been missing the release that writing gives me, and the connections with other bloggers. Also, I’ve been seriously lax in my letters to Zoe.

So, I haven’t quite figured out what my participation level in GIST will be, but I thought I’d start by jotting down some things I am grateful for as they relate to having a newborn AND a toddler.

Here Goes:

1. Halo Sleep sacks with swaddler… a swaddled baby is a sleeping baby. Yay!
2. Soothies. Sometimes a breastfeeding mama needs a break.
3. Easy latching. It wasn’t easy the first time, at all.
4. Finn is a great eater. My boy likes his food and is gaining weight.
5. Slumber parties. We get the kids ready and watch a movie in bed with Zoe at night. It's down time for the four of us.
6. Hearing Zoe say “It’s ok, baby boy.” when Finn cries. It melts my heart.
7. Fresh & Easy. This store made fast, healthy meals possible when shopping & cooking meals seemed absolutely impossible.
8. The park. Perfect for wearing out a busy little girl and fun to see her so happy running and playing.
9. Grandparents coming to visit and help.
10. Friends to do the same and laugh with.
11. Facebook, Twitter & Flickr. They’ve made me still feel connected even when I spend most of my time with my kids.
12. Fitting in jeans I haven’t been able to fit in for 4 years.
13. Coffee and chocolate.
14. A good, supportive nursing bra.

And this especially is no “small thing”:

15. A supportive husband who is truly a partner in this parenting gig and who keeps me sane and laughing.


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