You know what bugs?

I'll tell you:

- People who don't return their shopping carts to the shopping cart corral. Really? Is it that long of a walk? Do you feel good about taking up a parking spot that someone (maybe me) might want/need to park in? If you're too lazy or too busy to take the cart back, why not offer it to someone just getting out of the car? I know when I've got my toddler AND my newborn in tow and it's just me, I sure would appreciate someone offering me their cart.

- And while we're talking about parking lots.... What gives with these HUGE vehicles and their bad parking? You don't need two spaces. You certainly do not need to park diagonally across two spaces. That is just plain inconsiderate. Learn to park, get a smaller vehicle, or learn to drive, whatever applies. And hey, if you have such a large vehicle that you do not fit in a space, consider parking further back in the parking lot where it's less crowded. Just a thought.

- Smokers. I'm sorry. I've gotten incredibly impatient with smokers, especially since I quit (about 5 years ago) but even then. Don't blow smoke in my face. Don't you dare blow smoke in my kids face. Be considerate (are we seeing a pattern?). I do not begrudge your habit - I totally understand it! But if you smoke, please don't expect me and my kids to smoke with you. Please, step away from the entrance to public buildings. My favorite is the nurses who smoke in front of my doctor's office/the hospital. WTF? Really? And just so you know, being examined my a nurse who wreaks of tobacco is so not cool.

- And while I'm ranting about smoking: I do not get parents who smoke right next to their little babies. Their poor little lungs! It makes me sad.

- Also, parents who call their kids stupid, dumb, etc. I've seen mothers call their 6 month old babies idiots and while I'm a very passive person, I get the urge to smack the back of their heads so I can knock some sense into them. Sometimes being a parent is frustrating. Sometimes our kids do silly things that drive us crazy. But who actually thinks that talking to their kids that way will change anything? Do they feel good doing it? Because it hurts my heart to think about those kids and their self esteem. It worries me that if a mother can call her infant an idiot, how will she treat her toddler, preteen, teen? And then what type of person will that kid grow into? Sad.

- There is STILL a fake Christmas tree (sans decorations) standing in my living room. The tree is so large, (even when it's broken in thirds) we can't find a box for it. It's the end of February! Waah!

- Pumping. I hate it. Love that I'm feeding Finn and getting him all the nutrients he needs/Hate that I have to pump.

- When people do not use their words. If I'm in your way at Target or the grocery store, use your words. Say "Excuse me." If you can't use your words for some medical reason, clear your throat for goodness sakes! Please, don't assume I will notice you standing there staring at me like I'm the most inconsiderate person in the world for being in your way. I'm not going to notice you in a timely manner because I have a toddler, a newborn, and about 50 billion things going on in my head at once. Sorry.

- And another thing about shopping: Why do I need to completely stop what I'm doing when I'm in the aisle you want to be in? Today I was trying to figure out what cup to get for Zoe at Target and this lady uses her words (thanks for that, lady) and says "Excuse me." Turns out, she wants to be exactly where I was and just expected me to move. The aisles aren't that big. Two carts barely fit. If someone is looking at something you want to look at, come back later. Why would your browsing/purchase be so much more important than mine? If it's a life or death situation and you simply must get that sippy cup right that very moment, you better tell me because otherwise you're just going to have to wait.

- And don't you dare use your cart to bump me. Who does that? What kind of manners were you taught? This is not bumper carts! Also, what are you thinking? Not that this is the only reason you shouldn't push me, but I'm not a skinny little waif thing. What makes you think I'm not going to push you back?

- Those families of five who walk in a straight line through parking lots or stores like they're "The Rockettes". Really? Single file line, people! I want to be able to drive my vehicle or not have to squeeze between you and your family. Normally, these people who walk in lines like this will not back down/step aside for other people. It's like some weird form of "Red Rover" while shopping and I hate it.

- I'm also not a fan of parents letting their kids run through parking lots. Do they not want their kids anymore? Is holding their hands too much effort? Is everyone but them responsible for their children's safety? Oh, OK.

- There is no good, fast, Mexican food place near our house. I'm not talking fast food, just a place with take-out. I got all excited when I saw Ole Boys in the center near our house... turns out, it was not Olé Boys, it's OLE Boys (think Dukes of Hazzard). They sell guns, not burritos. FAIL.

I think that about covers it for today.

What bugs you?


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