Lovely Day


I took a long hot shower while my kids slept in.

I got my camera out for the second time in two days so that I could photograph Zoe holding her little brother for the first time. Zoe was thrilled to be given the opportunity to hold him in her arms and Finnegan was surprisingly comfortable with his big sister. It was a great moment for me. I had to practically pry Finn from Zoe's arms when the hugging got just a little out of control.

Zoe & Finn

I watched Annie for the billionth time with Zoe while I held Finn in one arm and edited photos with the other. Being a mother of two has taught me the real meaning of multi-tasking.

I juggled both children with ease.

I read to Zoe while I held her brother in my arms.

I was able to set Finn down in his swing for an hour and go help Zoe put her pink tutu on so we could dance together in her room while bad pop music played on her Hello Kitty boom box. We also had a mini photo shoot just the two of us where she hammed it up for my camera. It was girl time and one of my favorite memories of being Zoe's mom, so far.

I looked into my son's eyes and he *really* looked in mine, and I told him how happy I was that he was here with us right now. I cannot imagine life without him in it.

I sang to my kids: silly songs, love songs, show tunes - Zoe loved it (and sang along) and I think the little guy was amused.

I put them both down for their naps (at the same time!) and took the time to sit here and write this. It feels good to make time for me... if time allows, I'll edit some photos before they wake up.

I thought briefly about where I was 7 years ago today: In San Diego, leaving a bad marriage. In years past I've always let today bring me down, reflecting on how horrible life was then - but after spending such a lovely day with my children all I can do is be grateful for how far I've come and that I was led to Bakersfield, to Daniel, to becoming a mother and appreciating these precious moments.

I look forward to more days like today. This is where I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing. This is the day I will remember when the three of us are having a more stressful day, when the house is a mess, when Finn refuses to sleep and Zoe throws a tantrum. I live for days like this.*

* - That's an Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians reference, just so you know.


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