I don't usually talk politics on my blog. No, wait - I NEVER talk about politics on my blog. Ever. EVER.

And I'm not really going to right now either.

You see, I was taught at an early age that an individuals politics are a personal matter. In fact of all the things my parents tried to instill in me - it's one of the things that has stood out to me most on the list. This became all the more clear four years ago in the Kerry/Bush election. Despite our liberal leanings, Daniel and I live in a very right wing, conservative town and we tend to feel outnumbered here. Since we're both extremely non-confrontational people, we've opted to avoid conversations where Democrats are pitted against Republicans or vice versa. I'm going to call it our survival instinct to just keep mum. And truthfully, while there are some topics we might like to discuss with friends and family - we avoid them because we don't want to create a rift. We don't want to look at them differently when we discover we don't see eye to eye and vice versa. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

That said, Daniel and I are both very passionate about politics, the state of our government, and how the choices we make will impact Zoe and Finn. We worry. We debate and discuss. And I think there is a big part of us that wishes we had the guts to speak out like some of our friends have. Sometimes I feel like a chicken that I'm not speaking out for what I believe in. Sometimes I worry I'm not setting the example I want to for my kids.

What's worse:
Confrontation over something important to you./Not speaking your mind about something important to you.

What's more admirable/a better example for our kids:
Speaking up./Keeping the peace.

And - what do you avoid talking about with your friends and family?


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