Today is my last day of being 30. Tomorrow, I will be 31. Crazy how that works out.

30 was a good age for me. We finally conceived Zoe (September 4!).

I was pregnant:

Early morning
(The morning we found out)

I was in The Full Monty and did the Cha Cha every weekend for four weeks with "all day sickness".

"Vicki" in "The Full Monty"

I got closer to friends here in Bakersfield.

I had an awesome vacation in San Diego with Daniel.


I took some cool photos.


I mended some fences.

I grew. Literally:

5 - Photography by Mel

I think I became a better person, wife, friend, daughter, mother. I laughed a lot and cried a little. I was happy. I learned a lot. I ate better. I enjoyed the little pleasures and appreciated life's gifts even more.

I finally learned to not be a baby about shots, getting blood drawn and IV's.


I had a baby.

I drank a lot of coffee, lost a lot of sleep, took as many naps as I could and got to see what an amazing father my husband is. I strived to be the best mom I can be. I learned to take "me time". And lastly, I set some goals for my 31st year.

The best part is, Daniel was with me every step of the way. I am so glad I get to grow old with him.

We're leaving for San Diego (in about four hours) to celebrate with my parents, eat good sushi, relax, and have a date night (TWO in one week!). Have a wonderful weekend!


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