Long Beautiful Hair OR Oh, Vanity!

I've been going back and forth on what to do with my hair as of late. Well, actually... I've been going back and forth on that since my second trimester with Zoe. Before I got pregnant with the little one, I went to "my lady" every six weeks. I've been seeing Brigette for five years; Daniel's been seeing her for four years... we invited her to our wedding for goodness sakes. Who does that?

With Brigette I get color, a trim, and some laughs. I always ask her to make my hair really, really dark and she always makes it just a little less dark than I had wanted because she's worried too dark would be too severe. She might be right. She's made me more blonde, blonde with black underneath, dark, dark with bright red streaks and then dark again. She's cut my hair shoulder length and given me bangs for the first time since I was 13. I go to her and am always confident that I'll look good when I leave her chair two and a half hours later. I trust Brigette.

I haven't been in Brigette's chair since I was 4 weeks pregnant when she touched up my color (my doc said it was fine for the baby) and gave me a trim. I told her the good news about the baby being on the way. We had a great time. But the color didn't take; it dulled after less than a week. I'd look in the mirror and see my natural color peeking through at the roots and it got worse as the weeks went on. Apparently this happens sometimes, what with the change in hormones. So I decided not to get my hair colored anymore. And then I decided to just not get my haircut either. I figured with the impending birth, there was no harm in saving us that money I’d been spending every six weeks.

The thing is, I've missed Brigette. I've missed my dark hair. I've missed not seeing a single gray hair... which seems so obvious to me! I've missed feeling "put together". For about seven months I have been dreaming about doing something fun with my hair again. I entertained the idea of doing the red streaks again, but decided against it since we're in our friends' wedding in August. Red doesn't go with my bridesmaid dress. Lately, what with all the hair pulling Zoe has been doing... I've been considering getting it cut to my shoulders or above.

I'm just a little chicken. I like my long hair, it's me. I had long hair in 1994 when I was voted "Best Hair" of my senior class. I had long hair when I met Daniel. He likes my long hair. I'm sort of worried that if I cut my hair, I'll lose my youth. People will stop being (acting?) surprised when I tell them I'm almost 31. Daniel says he'll always think I look good... but he doesn't know. It's sort of embarrassing, but I'm attached to my hair. Once it's cut, it's gone... and then what?

But, it's hot here. And I'm sort of bored with my long hair. And Zoe has this really tight grip that is hard to loosen. My hair gets in the way sometimes... and it does grow back. I've got an appointment with Brigette this Friday. I'm not sure I'll get the guts to do it, but I just might try something different.

What do you think I should do?


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