What He Says

Finn didn't start talking as soon as Zoe did - he didn't need to. Zoe would talk for herself and for him and he seemed alright with that set up for a while. And then slowly the watchful boy started making up his own language. Zoe caught on quickly, helping us translate and so began "Finn speak".

"Bye-bye's" were any type of transportation there was, but now they're just cars. He says airplane, truck, bus, train now. He will also say "I wanna go bye-bye." which means exactly what it sounds like or it means he wants to go to the car.

"Nigh-nigh" is bedtime and bedroom (it's a universal term).

"Zoo-ee" is Zoe

"Ra-ra's" are dogs and sometimes they're lions too, but only sometimes.

He says Mama, Mom, Dad, Daddy, Baba, Nana, Grammy, Cheryl and Chuck.

He says Yes, No, Please, Thank you, Welcome, I love you and I'm sorry.

"Juice" is any liquid.

Recently, he's started naming all the colors when he sees them, but he will also identify red as "Not blue." (Blue is his favorite color.)

He knows that A is for apple... and he can name many other words for each letter of the alphabet.

He can count to 3.

He says "I need diaper change." and "I don't need diaper change." He tells us he's "Poopin" even when he's not at all - he just likes that we jump out of our seats and try to take him to the potty.

He will tell us when he is mad and be very emphatic about it.

He says "I dance" either just before or while he is showing us his latest moves.

He likes to say "Watch this!" and then he'll do some jump or "I'm hopping!" or "Hi-yah!" when he's doing Karate.

He will repeat after us now and he likes playing alphabet games and working with his sister. I have no doubt that he has been listening very closely to us and has been waiting for when he wanted to open up and speak more. It seems like just in the last week or so his vocabulary has grown immensely.

He will tell me he is my baby and that he is "Not the baby!" and I am proud and sad and... mostly proud every time.

I watch these kids every day and I am amazed by their big personalities and by how intelligent and observant they are. Children truly are sponges - absorbing every thing you say and do.

If he really wants to make a point, he says "You hear me?" and I do. I'm listening to every word, Finnegan.


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