Adventures in Parenting*

* - This post is about bodily functions and potty training. If you are going to be grossed out by this (maybe you should read "Everyone Poops") you should probably just click out of this and go do something else. If you're not afraid (or you are an experienced potty trainer and/or parent/parent-to-be) go ahead and read this. Just don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

About an hour ago I was sitting at my computer working on trying to write (which hasn’t come easily at all for a long time now) when all of a sudden I felt something warm on my foot. Like, shock to the system warm that immediately made my brain think I was bleeding, except there was no pain. I looked down at my foot and then up at my son who was completely naked. He had just peed on me. Inside, I screamed (because EW! he just peed ON MY FOOT!) but on the outside, I was calm. Well, fairly calm.

“Finnegan Emery. We’re not supposed to pee on people!”

He looked at me with that lower lip sticking far out (he’s REALLY mastered the art of pouting) and wide eyes that quickly welled with tears.

“OK, honey. We’re OK. Let’s go get cleaned up.”

He took my hand and led me to the back of the house towards his bedroom.

But instead of leading me to his room and changing table, he walked me into the bathroom.

“Do you want to go more?” **

“Uh huh!”

At first he stood, but he quickly told me no and sat down. And then he peed. At first just a little bit, but then a lot more. He was beaming - first surprise at what he had just done and then big smiles and maniacal laugh. There was much cheering and clapping and congratulatory hugs. Then we put a “Big Boy Pull Up” on him and made some calls to family members so they could congratulate him.

With each phone call he stood proud with his fists at his hips and his chest pushed out like Superman. When his Cheryl and his Daddy told him how proud they were of him he instinctively rubbed his chest in a circle, nodded and said, “Tanks.”

** - At this point in my writing Finn came running up to me naked again. My phone was on the floor in the bathroom and there was pee in the potty. Woohoo!

We’ve since had even more successes. We’ve also had him ripping off his pull up in one full sweep like a mini stripper and then running around our living room like a wild animal, yelling “YAAAAAAY!” and “RAWR!” Because I learn from my mistakes, I’ve put a pair of pants on over his current pull up that are easy to pull down quickly and that seems to have tamed my little Tarzan. Every fifteen minutes or so I ask him if he’d like to go potty and he tells me yes or no and regardless of his answer does a quick lap around our living room before settling down or running back to the bathroom. This is quite the adventure this time around, much more of a wild ride than with Zoe. Any one have any tips for us?


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