The Waiting Game

In front of our house...

If all goes well, we should get news that we are "officially" homeowners either today or tomorrow. Even though the paperwork has been signed, the homeowners insurance policy written and purchased, and the check handed over to the title company, I'm not letting myself celebrate until I get someone in charge to tell me it's official. I'm waiting anxiously for that phone call.

Maybe I'm showing what a pessimist I actually am. Ha.

But on the positive side, I'm excited. I told Daniel the other night that there was no one else in this world that I'd rather go (further) into debt with than him. And that is true. So true, that I find myself walking around the house spending money we don't have. You see, we're buying the house we've been renting for almost three years. While we could have painted or made whatever changes we wanted to if we'd discussed them with our friends, (the current homeowners) I just didn't want to until it was really ours.

I'm thinking I want to paint. I want new carpeting and maybe wood floors in the front of the house. I want to build some custom bookshelves in the master bedroom. I want a new refrigerator... and more energy efficient washer and dryer. I want shelving in the garage and fancy closet organizers in the kids rooms. I want a swing set, or a fort, or something in the backyard. I want to get more shade for our covered patio and maybe plant a tree to commemorate becoming homeowners.

And I want all the funds to make that happen.

But in the meantime, a girl can dream... and try to talk Zoe out of a pink room.


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