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So, last night after I'd finished reading some bedtime stories to Zoe and while I was singing her some of her favorite "nigh-nigh" songs, we heard Finn crying. The crying a mama hears and knows that her baby is hurt*... but I didn't rush in because I knew he was with his Daddy and was being taken care of.

Zoe had been nearly asleep. She was at that stage where she was petting my hand as I sang and sort of fighting the inevitable like she's done since she was an infant. She would open her eyes and stare at me when I'd stop singing and then when I'd start again, her eyes would sort of move side to side like a Cylon and then roll back a bit before they closed. Yes. THAT tired. No, it's not creepy, it's endearing.

Anyway. Finn's tears startled us both a bit, but I had her needs to think about too so I tried to soothe her. Zoe wasn't having it though. She sat up straight and looked at me:

"Finnegan's crying, Mommy!"
"I know. But Daddy has him. He'll be OK."
"No. He's CRYING. He needs you. Go to him, Mommy!" - nudging me to get out of her bed.
"Will you be OK?"
"Yes. Go to him. I, OK."
"You're such a good big sister. Nigh-nigh, baby."
"Nigh-nigh, Mama."

She's such a sweetheart.

This morning when Finn was playing with a toy that Zoe didn't want him to have, she put her hands on either side of his head and pulled him backwards. BY HIS HEAD! When we asked her why she did that it was: " Because I want it."

Sometimes it's not easy being the big sister. Sometimes it's not easy being the little brother either. I'm bracing myself for the day when Finn can fight back - and holding on to the memories of how sweet they can be together. It will get me through the next 15 or so years, right?


*- He'd been climbing and hit his face on our end table. There was a red mark on his face, but I think his ego was bruised more than anything. I took him from Daniel to calm him and he fell asleep within minutes. He's fine now.


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