oh, hello!

Hello, blog! How are you? It has been so very long since I've looked at you or written words to be posted on you. Remember when I said I would write more often? I was serious. Seriously. But then I got wrapped up in all this being a mom stuff and I literally felt like there was barely time to breathe let alone try to pick up my camera or type a post. And then I got sick... and Zoe got sick and then Finn got sick like, 6 hours later and then oh my goodness! Daniel got sick. So my entire family was on antibiotics and we were all miserable and cranky. And then I turned 33, but I felt horrible and so did the kids so we just stayed home and were miserable together - but eating cake! - instead of partying like rock stars and drinking adult beverages while the kids hung out with their Cheryl and Chuck-Chuck like we'd planned. And then on the very last day of taking her antibiotics, Zoe broke out in a rash. It was a crazy rash that started on her neck one afternoon, spread to her back by bath time, and had fully covered her body by the next morning. We called them her polka dots and made her think we thought it was the coolest thing since um, CAKE because we didn't want her to feel bad. Having your two year old inspect all the welts on her body and ask "What's wrong a me?" is heartbreaking and then when she kisses her little arm and says "It's OK, my arm." it's almost impossible to not get a little emotional. And then when your already wild child is given steroids to battle the allergic reaction and is literally trying to scale the walls and furniture because she's so hyper... it's impossible not to feel completely overwhelmed.

And then Finn and Daniel started feeling better. And Zoe's rash finally went away after going to the doc 5x in one week. And now I feel... dare I say it? I feel good. Zoe has started back to dance class for the year. We went to her 1st birthday party. This morning we went out for a treat and story time. Life is back on track.Zoe is in her room napping. Finnegan is napping next to me. My house is quiet, calm, a mess, but relatively stress-free.

In about 26 hours, Daniel and I will drop off Zoe and Finnegan with their Cheryl and Chuck-Chuck. We might go get some Chipotle and walk around Borders for a few minutes, but then we're going to go home and relax and finish packing. Friday morning we're taking a 6 a.m flight to Dallas for a wedding. We will see old friends. We will get to focus on just being Keely and Daniel for almost 72 hours *. We will celebrate our friends marriage. We will dance. We will drink adult beverages. We will party like rock stars. We will definitely eat CAKE.

* - As excited as I am, I've got to say - I am really, really nervous. While Zoe has had plenty of sleepovers away from us, Finn has only had one. Each of them has only ever been 10 minutes from me, so leaving the state... the time zone! feels like a very big deal. I know that they will have fun and that we will have fun, but I also know that I'm going to feel a little bit like a part of me is missing.


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