Happy Birthday, Little Monkey

Little One

Dearest Zoe,
It is hard to believe that exactly 2 years ago this very moment, I was laying in a hospital bed watching my little newborn sleep peacefully in her bed. That day was the beginning of a life I had dreamed of, but I had no idea just how much you would change my life and fill me with more love and joy than I ever fathomed.
Today is your 2nd birthday. You're two! And in some ways that feels like that just cannot be possible. It was only just yesterday that I heard you cry out for the first time and I got to hold you in my arms. And now you are this little girl, full of spunk and personality.

Bad Faerie

You have a flair for the dramatic and a great sense of humor. You've got some serious dance moves and a love for singing. You love to hug. You love to explore and take things apart to see how they work. You adore being outside, running, playing, smelling the flowers. You love your Bailey and Max. You love Tinkerbell and Ariel and Bolt. You think brushing your teeth is so much fun and bath time is your favorite. You are sensitive and thoughtful. You are a wonderful big sister. You're fearless... a daredevil who we must always keep an eye on. You thing shopping is so much fun and especially enjoy Target. You love to read and play with your instruments. You like going "bye-bye" and meeting new people. You have a way of making every one smile around you because you do things with such joy and gusto. Your vocabulary is extensive.

Here's some of my favorites:
Thank you!
HI baby.
Baby is crying?
What's wrong?
It's ok, baby.
Potty time
I love....
Let's go nigh nigh
Let's read a book
Let's go outside
That's funny!
I love it!
Hi. Hello. I'd like a chocolate milk in a box. Thank you.

Quack Pointing

You make us laugh every single day and every day I get to spend with you, I feel blessed. You are teaching me to let go of needing to control every little thing. You are teaching me that there is joy in the simple things. You have taught me to be stronger, to be silly, to be more curious. Getting to be your mom is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I love you so very much, Zoe.

2 days til she's 2!
Happy Birthday, monkey. I look forward to the next year and all the possibilities and adventures it holds for you... for us.


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