Conversations With Zoe

Yes, honey?
Yes, Zoe?
What's that?
Mama's pumping.
What's that?
Mama's making milk for our baby.
What's that?
It's milk.
No. Just regular milk for the baby.
Chocolate milk?
No. Plain milk, for the baby.
What's that?
It's mama's pump. So she can make milk for our baby.
Yes, Zoe?
What's that?
It's milk, honey. Just like what mama used to do for you.
Good job, mama!
Thank you, Zoe.


Zoe has been telling me "good job" a lot lately. Whether I'm changing her or Finnegan's diaper, pumping, fixing her breakfast, reading to her, etc, she will look at me square in the eye, nod her head and tell me "Good job, mama." After a particularly horrible diaper of hers last week, she smiled and said, "GREAT job, mama!" I've never been one to feel under appreciated by Daniel or the kids, but these extra words of encouragement from Zoe have been lovely to hear. It's a nice feeling to know that she has picked up this need to express her feelings and that she is indeed pleased with the "work" I am doing for her. Even more so though, it means she is hearing the adults in her life tell each other when they are doing a good job and she herself is being told "Good job!" frequently. It means we are in fact, doing a good job at teaching her to be positive, encouraging and thoughtful and that makes me very proud.

Emery Girls

Now, if I could only figure out why she keeps telling us to "Stand back!" She does so very seriously when she thinks we're about to take her plate away. Very authoritative, very protective, very... cute. But also a little bit bossy.

I feel like this one should be called "I did it MYYYY wayyyy"


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